If Your Pets Could Talk…

Equestrian, pet-lover and entrepreneur, Cathy Erickson, who has built a reputation for producing annual pet events that are as fun to attend as they are to create, now shares heart-warming, funny-bone tickling pet stories from the heartland and offers common-sense, honest Midwestern insights, useful for pets everywhere – year round.

The hallmarks of Midwestern values are tradition, humility and honesty. Born and raised in the Midwest, Cathy grew up participating in 4-H, and has spent her entire life around animals. Even though pets are her passion and she makes it all look easy, Cathy is not afraid of the hard work it takes to produce events that deliver the greatest possible value for both the attendees and the exhibitors.

As a natural extension of her pet expo mission “to help educate pet-owners and promote the health and well-being of pets,” the MuzzleBump blog was launched. The blog aims to provide pet owners and pet professionals with a steady stream of pet-related information, from recalls and food safety notifications to appreciations of animal-heroes and other “muzzle bumps.”

Written from her years of experience and based on the advice of local and national experts, Cathy helps you understand what your pets might say they need or want – if your pets could talk.